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Alexia Sweden - check my newest preview.

Hey there! I finally got 2 more injections :) This time I shot an 18 minute video because I want you guys to enjoy it as much as I did. I will make them available for sale too. Next procedure is nosejob. I will get my nose done barbie style as soon as I can make enough cash for the surgery. I am working so hard to afford all this .....I am ready to do anything to make that surgery money.





M's picture

It looks sooo promising! How much Restylane is injected in your lips, so far?

PS: please check the link - it doesn't work because of the hyphen.

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Thank you Alexia, really looking for your procedure vids!!!!!! :-)

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.....I am ready to do anything to make that surgery money."

That sounds great! Do you offer private Meetings with fans in your hometown?

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Alexia, I am a huge fan! Been seeing your progress and I am loving your pumped lips and big tits! I really want to meet you so we can hang, party, and get pumped together!

I view your photos and clips while in my private time and while I am shooting porn! I believe you make my porn better because I am performing to your stuff!  :D

Thank you! XOXOXO

-Eva Cassini