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Any bisexual plastic fans here

I know I've chatted with a few of you but I really love chatting with other bi pervs who are into plastic glam.  I'll go ahead and post my profile from another chat website:

Many fetishes and kinks including fur coats (as in mink, fox, etc..not body hair). Extreme glamour fetish for heavy makeup, long fingernails, big hair, stiletto heels. Love girls that to look older as well as well preserved older women who try to look younger. Cosmetic surgery fetish..particularly huge breast implants, lip injections, etc. Also love to chat about family fun, k9, pee games. One different fetish that I also have is a lust for Bratz dolls...they kind that are tarted up..check them out before you think it couldn't turn you on. I'm open minded about sexual orientation. Love females and guys who are bi and are into taboo and fetishes. Also love exotic drag queens and fem crossdressers who go for a dramatic look.

If this appeals to any of you, please send me email at




Clive Braddock
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I'm bi!

Also, bi_furlover is the section admin for our Mature page! So hot to see older ladies aging ungracefully!


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Fuck you [edited by admin - Bishop, Dec 30th].

But yes, I am bi :P

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Vicker, jesus!

I was about to ban you until I read the whole post.

Still, I'm editing that - don't mind the first f word but not tolerating the second.

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Why respond like that?

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Bi as fuck here;-) you know that bifurlover, darling dicklove:-)

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I'm not bi but I like to chat with other dudes. You were right about Bratz Dolls. Shit. I don't know why but jerking off to Bratz Dolls is kind of cool.