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Interview with AlexiaSweden - My Thoughts

The Interview with AlexiaSweden

Hey PlasticPositive-Team!

Thank you VERY VERY VERY VERY much for this unique, ice breaking Interview with AlexiaSweden!

Her answers are so extremly blunt, frank, without any "fake" political correctness.... its just pure satisfaction to my heart!

1. I especially loved the parts when she was speaking about her tittie dreams "My next surgery will be at least 3500cc and then I’m going to try for 5000cc. I’m going to stop at the point at which I have trouble moving around or living my daily life. The bigger my tits are the more haters I have and the more fans I have."

2. When she speaks about her favorite lip size: "That’s why I’m considering getting massive lip and cheek implants. I’m not sure that there’s a doctor that does those. I want my lips to be enormous and touch my nose."

3. Her Ass Goals: "I’ve seen butts with implants and they look a lot faker. I actually don’t mind if my ass looks artificial."

4. And finally her sexy facial wishes..... "I want my fans to watch me get surgeries and get off to videos of me getting dermal fillers injected in my frozen, puffed up bimbo face."


What an interview! Thank you, Plasticpositve, thank you AlexiaSweden!!!!!!!!!!

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I loved reading it too.

Cakeface Addict
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She's amazing. Great read.

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Amazing cant wait for more!

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Awesome interview, very sexy too :)

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She is a great role model!