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The Intro Thread

Hi everybody!

I'm M and I'm a newly registered member. I didn't find any thread where I could introduce myself, so here I am :) Hoping this could be an introductory thread for other members as well.

An European lover of Botoxed faces and injected lips waves hello!


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Hi M.!

nice to meet you here in our exquisite round! :-)

Also European lover of frozen botox faced and pumped lips here

- u wanna join me for chatting on yahoo messenger? (add: slimjim6654)

best regards and lets all celebrate the beauty of plastic surgery girls


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Love the idea of an intro thread M! Thanks!

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Hey there, Im a lover of big fake breasts, pumped up lips and permanent makeup.

I am a hypno daddy, meaning I help girls overcoming their shyness and starting to enjoy their plastic transfomration

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Very interesting... I'd like to hear more about this.

You should put what you just described in your profile btw http://plasticpositive.com/members/daddy27 ;)

Maybe start a forum thread about Hypno so we can understand it better.

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Hello! I am Eva Cassini. I am a transgender pornstar and I am totally into the plastic bimbo look for myself and on other girls!

Very happy to be here!

Personally, I am very adamant about getting more lip injections, bigger boobs, and a bigger butt. Also, I want to get more tan and get my hair to platinum silver. Almost there in the hair, just need a few more trips to the salon.

I am actually hoping to find someone to help me get the look I desire. I am very open to return the favor! ;)

My twiter is @evacassini and my official website (NSFW 18+ Pornographic ) is www.EvaCassini.com.

I would love to get together with admirers of the bimbo look (especially those into tgirls ) and other plastic girls to hang and party!

I am freshly single and crave to have butt loads of fun!


Eva Cassini

P.S. Thank you Bishop for creating this community site! I wish nothing but absolute prosperity for this site and BRING ON THE PLASTIC! :)


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Welcome, Eva. It's nice to see you embracing the enhanced look. If you ever decide to get on Instagram, please check out my page :) I'd also be interested to hear more about your future breast augmentation plans. #1000ccClub



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Hi everybody I'm Pietje and a big fan of plastic/barbie girls. I think someone needs a lot of currage to live their dream. And escpecially with enhancing your body. There are lots of people who have a negavite opinion about it. I Love to support women who don't listen to the haters and live their own dream on becomming and barbie/bimbo girl. Respect to all the women on this community <3.

You all look smoking hot.


Personal I'm a huge fan of fake breast, high heels and latex. But if you want to know what I like please take a look on my tumblr page http://pietje012.tumblr.com/. I like to come in contact with men and woman who have the same view on life as I have. So I love to come in contact with all of you :).

I hope we can make this community into a great one.


Lots of plastic love Pietje

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Hi everyone.  I'm Reg.  I'm a plastic positive person and would love to meet other women who are plastic positive.  I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I'm into high profile breast implants, high set nipples, botox, filled lips, long nails and heavy makeup.  I also love short skirts and high heels.  The plastic positive movement is about expressing your desires and sexuality.  Love that!  I'd love to hear from you.






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"high set nipples, botox, filled lips, long nails and heavy makeup."

LOVE YOUR TASTE! Same here! Also really have a thing for SMALL high set nipples!

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hi im Bettie just a shy nerd girl would would like to be more confident and feminie like the plastic or unrealistic look but am not a petitie girl so not sure it works for me 

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Yes to all of that.  The high set nipples are just a fantastic look.

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Hi everyone! I'm a huge fan of plastic women, and I'm so glad I found a group of people who feel that same. Everyone of my friends prefer strictly natural, so I can't really talk about my love for plastic bimbos with them. I would love to talk with you all!

As for my preferences, I'm mostly into T and A. Enhanced tits and ass on a woman is the ultimate perfection. That said, I also love lots of make up, filled lips, long nails, heels, tan, and all sorts of other stuff hahaha. High set nipples are also nice, sonce I have a thing for lots of underboob. Anyway I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.

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Hello, Everyone!  Im a huge fan of plastic woman as well, but love the extreme ones best. I would like to get to know everyone on here well. I doubt, I will find a woman to make my plastic housewife. If anyone want to chat, just comment on my profile or email me at masterofday@hotmail.com


Looking forward to knowing you all