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Receptionist at the local spa

So, I'm a guy, and every few months, I get botox in my forehead. The wrinkles up there were getting to be just too much.

In any case, I head into one of the many local spas for a treatment today, and the office was empty except for the (beyond) stunning receptionist who took my breath away.

Here's what happened: I walk in this morning to see if they could give me a quick forehead fix, and the receptionist tells me she's the only one there today, that the nurses are out 'til Thursday... would I like to schedule an appointment then?

Wait a sec... I get to come back and stare at you again?? Woooohooo!!!

Here's why the woohoo... she's perched atop a pair of black 5" stiletto high heel boots with black TIGHT skinny jeans tucked into them and is wearing a very loose, low-cut sweater top that shows off her incredible implants, just begging you to admire them.

I can't take my eyes off her ass as she walks behind the counter to sit down, and that... that's when I get an awesome view of the implants. And then... and then... I *really* see her face. Holy fucking shit. I love, love, love, love, LOVE a woman in heavy makeup, and she's got it going. on. in. spades.

Then there's the fresh manicure. Just the right length French-tip acrylics, obviously just done this weekend. The clicking as she typed... aaaaaah.

She's about 40, and has clearly had some fairly fresh plastic surgery and laser skin treatments... her skin, even with the full face of heavy makeup with false lashes, is absolutely, positively flawless from her forehead down. Tight as a drum, totally smooth, just breathtaking.

Her lip injections are juuust right, full, but not sooo much that they're out of place, and she's had so much botox (in addition to the plastic surgery) all over her face that the ONLY thing that can still move when she speaks is her perfect pair of filler-injected lips.

It was heaven. 

There was so much going on between the plastic surgery, the laser skin treatment, and the botox, I'm sure even if her life depended on it, she couldn't get her face to move so much as a millimeter. 

Seeing a woman like her in-the-wild and not in a porn video was something special to behold. In fact, I really can't recall any even in porn as good as her.

Sure, you might get the boots, some implants, a bit of botox, and some heavy makeup, BUT everything all at once in the sheer amount she had it all done... the plastic surgery, the laser treatments, the TONS of botox, the great fillers, her perfect implants, the long nails... the skinny jeans and stiletto high-heel boots, AND the full face of heavy makeup. It was really THAT good.

I can not *wait* for my appointment. In fact, I'm strongly considering accidentally thinking the appointment is tomorrow just so I get to see her three days in a row.


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omg i blew my load like crazy reading about the botox!!!

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woaw what a story!

Can you tell us following or in any case more details? are you back to see the plastic beauty?