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Starting my residency in Plastic Surgery

At last the so desired moment has arrived! I passed all the exams and got a place in the plastic surgery residency programme in a hospital near the city where I live. I'm very excited about it and hope to become a great surgeon one day. By now I've only had some orientation sessions with the staff, and I can already see the team and especially the senior doctors have quite a conservative mentality. Anyway I hope to be getting more freedom of action under my own criteria as I'm spending more time working with them and improving my knowledge and skills.

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WOW! That's great news man! Keep us poasted! Will be so cool to see someone go through the whole process of becoming a plastic surgeon!

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Go your way and let us join! Thanks from Germany!

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super!!! all the best for u! :)) Also from Germany)

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Good luck, and best wishes from germany :)

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